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This page brings together various modelling proposals for 2.0 under a common page. The models currently under discusson are shown below with a brief excerpt from the page:

Rough Conceptual Model

"This conceptual model is an attempt to incrementally add hierarchy and provenance capabilities to the existing SPDX model. Many of the use cases have been considered but further analysis is necessary to ensure that this model covers all scenarios. ..."

Provenance and Supply Chain Model

"A desire has been expressed to be able to have SPDX be capable of expressing

  1. Provenance (we can know precisely who said what and when about a package)
  2. Hiearchy and Aggregation ( package A contains packages B, C, etc)
  3. How software flows through a supply chain (upstream to packager, through several intermediate vendors to consumer) ..."

Merged Model Proposal

"Below is a class diagram merging Ed Warnicke's proposed SPDX Element model with the 1.0 model. Definately a work in progress. Most of the class definitions can be found in the 1.0 spec in the RDF appendix (model) or in Ed's proposal.

The goals of this proposal are to:

  • Support the use cases for the 1.0 spec
  • Support the supply chain use cases
  • Support the "hierarchical" or embedded package use cases
  • Provide a more abstract model which can simplify the application of SPDX to some of the more complex use cases ... "

Usage Relationship Proposal

"Modification to the Merged Model Proposal to move the Usage property from the SPDXElement to the SPDXElementRelationship"