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  1. Title: Upstream maintainer providing SPDX data in SCM
  2. Primary Actor: Member of upstream maintainer team
  3. Goal in Context: To include with the copyrightable artifacts distributed by the project SPDX data describing it's licensing information in the SCM (source control management system, for example git,cvs,svn). The goal is to have the SPDX data at any given point in the SCM match the source code at that point in the SCM, so that whenever code is checked out from the SCM, it has SPDX data appropriate to it.
  4. Stakeholders and Interests:
    1. Upstream maintainers:
      1. To communicate the licensing information for their copyrightable artifacts.
      2. To have their licenses respected
    2. Consumers of upstreams copyrightable artifacts:
      1. To receive accurate and clear information of licensing of artifacts
      2. To be able to comply easily with licenses for artifacts
      3. To be able to subset, extend, or aggregate artifacts and pass on clear authoritative verifiable license for the resulting new copyrightable artifacts.
  5. Preconditions:
    1. Upstream has selected licenses for the copyrightable artifacts originating with the project (package, files, etc)
    2. Upstream has identified license data for other copyrightable artifacts they consume
  6. Main Success Scenario: Upstream communicates accurate complete licensing information for their copyrightable artifacts in an SPDX data format in the SCM matching the code present in the SCM at that point. (such that someone who subsequently checks-out/pulls from that point in the SCM can obtain corresponding SPDX data)
  7. Failed End Condition: Upstream communicates inaccurate incomplete licensing information for their copyrightable artifacts.
  8. Trigger:
    1. SCM Commit
  9. Notes: