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  1. Title:Linux Distribution (e.g. Fedora, Ubuntu)
  2. Primary Actor: Image Creator
  3. Goal in Context: To allow an Image Creator to communicate the SPDX data for all of the copyrightable artifacts (packages, files, library components, etc) in the distributable image.
  4. Stakeholders and Interests:
    1. Image Creator:
      1. To communicate the licensing information for their copyrightable artifact (the image) including all copyrightable artifacts it contains.
      2. To not build images with packages whose lienses aren't compatible.
      3. Be able to add compatible fixes to packages during release life cycle.
    2. Consumers of Images:
      1. To receive accurate and clear information of licensing of the images and all they contain.
      2. To be able to comply easily with licenses for the image and all it contains.
      3. To be able to trust that the images SPDX data is in alignment with the upstream maintainers license assertions of the pieces it contains.
  5. Preconditions:
    1. Image Creator understands the things it contains, including any SPDX data if provided.
  6. Main Success Senario: Image Creator communicates accurate complete licensing information automatically, as part of every image build for the packages in an image in an SPDX data format, each and every time the image is built.
  7. Failed End Condition: Image Creator communicates inaccurate incomplete licensing information for their embedded image.
  8. Trigger:
    1. Release of a new image. (daily, milestone, final release, stable release updates)
  9. Notes: