Technical Team/Use Cases/2.0/Contracts with multiple parties requiring signoff by all

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  1. Title: Multi-party contract signoffs
  2. Primary Actor: Contractor, and Contract owner
  3. Goal in Context: Intellectual property created under contract, and then passed up the supply chain may need to be signed off by multple parties.
  4. Stakeholders and Interests:
    1. Intelectual Property Creator:
      1. To fill in
    2. Onwer of the Intellectiual Property:
      1. To fill in
  5. Preconditions:
    1. TBD
  6. Main Success Scenario: Someone receiving SPDX info which has been signed off on earlier can......TBD
  7. Failed End Condition: TBD
  8. Trigger:
    1. Release of package from Owner of Intellectual Property.
  9. Notes: