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  1. Title: Application which ships with development tools
  2. Primary Actor: Committer of the open source project containing the contrib library
  3. Goal in Context: To include within the distribution of an open source project development tools used to build a deployable executable (or executables) from the open source code. These development tools would not be included in any resultant executable and may be under a different license than the stated license for the project.
  4. Stakeholders and Interests:
    1. Committers to the open source project:
      1. Makes clear which copyrightable artifacts are intended to be used only at development time and is not intended to be distributed with any executables.
    2. Consumers of upstream copyrightable artifacts:
      1. To receive accurate and clear information of licensing of artifacts
      2. To be able to distinguish copyrighted artifacts intended to be build and distributed as part of the project from build tools intended to be used at development time
      3. To be able to subset, extend, or aggregate artifacts and pass on clear authoritative verifiable license for the resulting new copyrightable artifacts
  5. Preconditions:
    1. Project has been organized with clear distinctions between the build tools and other project artifacts
    2. Licensing information has been collected for the build tools and main project artifacts
  6. Main Success Scenario: Committer provides complete licensing information and an indication of which artifacts is part of the main project and which artifacts are part of the build tools. Each build tool will contain information on licensing.
  7. Failed End Condition: Committer does not specify an artifact is part of the build tools causing confusion on the applicable license for the overall project.
  8. Trigger:
    1. Project release
  9. Notes: This use case is from the perspective of a committer who is assembling/aggregating additional build tools for further distribution. Although the intent of the committer for the build tools has been made, the downstream recipient may choose to use the build tools in a different manner (e.g. include some of the source in the main project itself). The downstream recipient may also replace or remove the build tools.
  10. Example: Wireshark, a network analyzer licensed under GPLv2, contains in it's source base piddle, which is GPLv3, but is solely used as a tool for building wireshark, and no part of which goes *into* any of the binary artifacts built out of Wireshark.