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To make contributions to the spec please follow these steps.

  1. Report the issue. Reporting an issue is a huge contribute. You can stop here and have our gratitude. If you want to try to fix the issue you can follow the steps below.
  2. Clone the repository and setup the build system (see below).
  3. Create a feature branch.
  4. Make your changes on that branch.
  5. Create a proposal linking to the issue and describing your changes. Be sure to attach a patch (and include a link to your branch is if it published anywhere).

Specification development setup

The master source for the specification resides in a git repository hosted at Anyone can clone a working copy by doing:

   git clone

The spdx specification build system is based on ruby. The following steps are required to generate the complete version of the specification.

  1. Install Ruby 1.9.2 using the appropriate mechanism for your OS. (Earlier versions of Ruby will probably work but have not been tested.)
  2. Install sqlite3-ruby gem: gem install --source sqlite3-ruby --version 1.2.5
  3. Install rdf-context gem: gem install --source rdf_context
  4. Install mustache gem: gem install --source mustache

One you have performed those installations you can generate the full specification by running rake in the spec-spec directory. This will product a full html version of the spec, build/spdx-1.0.html, and an rdf owl file containing the spdx ontology, build/spdx-1.0-ont.html.

If you have any issues getting up and running let us know and we'll get your issue sorted out.

<kes> 20110516 - missing how to get contribution sent back - not ready for general usage.