Technical Team/Proposals/2012-06-18/standardNotice field for License class

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Status: open


See bug #1049

Standard licensing notices need to be published in a machine readable way to facilitate the implementation of license text matching guidelines.


Add a `standardNotice` property to the License class whose value is a string. The cardinality of this property would be "Optional, zero or one"

Detailed Changes

  • No changes are required in the Tag-Value section of the spec
  • The follow text would be added the RDF terms document in the properties section of the the License class details:
   * standardNotice
      Cardinality: Optional, zero or one
  • The following text would be added to the RDF terms document immediately before the supplier section and an appropriate entry would be added to the properties index:
  Property: standardNotice
  The block of text specified in the license as the preferred
  way to declare that a work is covered by the terms of this
  Status: stable
  Domain: License
  Range: xsd:string
  • The license list web site generator would be updated to add a "Standard Notice" section after the "Text" section in the details pages of license for which one is known and would annotate the notice text with RDFa to make that information machine readable.