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Status: adopted

Alternative to Technical_Team/Proposals/2010-10-21/File_origin


The origin of a file is an important fact that is not described by and spdx file.


Define a property of File whose value is a DOAP Project. The DOAP Project will contain the project name and homepage URL when they are known. It also might also included more complete information regarding a project, if such information is known. For more information regarding DOAP see Wikipedia and Schemapedia

Multiple instances of this property are allowed because the exact origin of a file may be unclear. If a file was first created in a project A and then copied and modified in project B the file version of the file in project be would be an artifact of both projects A and B.

Additions to spec

5.6 ArtifactOf

5.6.1 Purpose: Identify the project(s) of which this file is a part.

5.6.2 Intent: By providing data regarding the project(s) where this file originated or occurs the reader can better identify the source and use it to do further research if needed.

5.6.3 Cardinality: Optional, 0 or more.

5.6.4 Tag: "ArtifactOf"

5.6.5 RDF: /RDF/SPDXDoc/Describes/File/ArtifactOf

5.6.6 Data Format:

The value of this property is a doap:Project. For the RDF/XML format it may be any valid doap:Project resource, including a URI reference. For the tag value format project information is limited to name and homepage. These tags are are semantically equivalent to doap:name and doap:homepage properties, respectively. Either name or homepage may be omitted in the tag value format.

5.6.7 Example: JUnit