Technical Team/Minutes/2020-09-15

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September 15, 2020


  • Kate Stewart
  • Thomas Steenbergen
  • Gary O’Neall
  • David Kemp
  • Jim Hutchison
  • Peter Shin


  • Demo of new online tools
    • namespace followup with Mark, Philippe and Fossology
  • Document generation / XSD/ XML
  • Discussion on the capturing of facts vs opinions
    • relationship property
    • annotation type

Demo of new online tools

  • A test version of the online tools is available at
  • Walked through the functionality
  • Discussion on the namespace features
    • Organizations – can only be added by authorized users
      • We could use this to help maintain who has the ability to add which organizations to license namespace
    • Request Mark Atwoord (Amazon), Philippe (NexB), and FOSSology to review the new namespace functionality

Schema Generation

  • Overview of current process
    • RDF OWL document is the base format used to generate all other documents
    • OWL document is kept manually in sync with spec with the spec being the source of record
  • Desire to change process in the future
    • Automatically keep document and OWL documents in sync
    • Have a different mechanism for describing the constraints that is more convenient than OWL
      • OMG is using OWL and SHACL
      • SHAX is another possibility
      • David is working on a graph language that may help – will keep us up to date

Facts vs Opinions in SPDX Documents

  • Currently, principle stated that documents are focused on facts
  • Some of the proposals for new profile introduce things that are not necessary facts
    • Proposal to extend Relationship to include things that may not be facts
    • Proposal to add Annotations to capture assertions about information in the document.
  • Example – expiration information, but from the SPDX ASIA call, there is also product usage (ok for testing), as well as affiliation of components with specific products.