Technical Team/Minutes/2020-02-04

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February 4, 2020


  • Thomas Steenbergen
  • Rose Judge
  • Steve Winslow
  • Jim Hutchinson
  • Gary O’Neall

2.2 Release

  • Thomas described meeting at FOSDEM OpenChain Reference Tooling Group – SPDX presentation; described perceptions of bad and good items in SPDX
  • Demonstrated new use of GitHub Actions + publisher to generate 2.2 / 3.0 spec draft versions
  • Discussed PR #196 for new appendix for file tags. Steve will update PR to better clarify relationship to existing short-form license identifiers format, otherwise attendees were in favor of adding.
  • Discussed PR #197 with new formats examples – plurals vs. singulars for e.g. annotation, package, etc.
    • Proposed: In new XML format, any new property where cardinality is >1, will have two properties: singular to represent the individual element, and plural to represent the array of elements. E.g., <annotations> wrapping around individual <annotation> entries
      • JSON / YAML will then use the plural form for the array name
  • Discussed new issue #192 for OPTIONAL_DEPENDENCY_OF relationship -- attendees were generally in favor but didn't feel there was quorum to give a full approval, would welcome others commenting / reviewing that issue.