Technical Team/Minutes/2020-01-28

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January 28, 2020


  • Gary O’Neall
  • Rose Judge
  • Jim Hutchison
  • Nisha Kumar
  • Steve Winslow
  • Thomas Steenbergen

2.2 Release

  • Issue #173: TEST_OF relatiohip type – reviewed wording - merged in the changes and closed the issue
  • Issue #155: Simplified tag/value syntax for enumerations - merged in the changes and closed the issue
  • Issue #188: How to include package, file and snippet information into JSON/YAML
    • YAML and JSON typically uses an array approach while XML typically uses a type approach
    • Agreed to use the arrays approach for YAML and JSON
  • Issue #189: How compact should the JSON/YAML versions of the SPDX document be?
    • Agreed machine readability for these formats was an important consideration
    • Steve raised the issue that any duplicate definitions of an SPDX item may lead to inconsistencies in the document
    • Compact version seems less prone to error and in some cases more efficient
    • Agreed to go with the compact version
    • Discussed allowing multiple options, but agreed that this would introduce more property names/complexity
  • Discussed the package hasFile property – should it be replaced by a contains relationship
    • Consensus that using the relationships would be more consistent
    • Discussed whether changing from hasFile would be a breaking change
      • Possible to convert from hasFile to relationship, but converting back may not result in the same tag/value document
    • Agreed to keep the hasFile property in JSON and YAML for 2.2 and propose changing to relationships in 3.0