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July 30, 2019


  • Steve Winslow
  • Gary O’Neall
  • Alexios Zavras
  • Matthew Crawford
  • Dennis Clark
  • Kate Stewart


  • Kate to share new Appendix draft in next couple day
  • GSoC new document & web pages to review

Review of Technical Isses in License list xml Repo

  • #417 - all agreed ok to close
  • #504 - Gary thinks its done, just needs update issue. To confirm.
  • #523 - Copyright of copyright owner for work being licensed. Conclusion - remove the technical tag. Its not technical.
  • #576 - Concern is work to redo the XML. If one item has 2 paragraphs, both should have ptags, but if not multiple paras, then naked text. Doesn’t look great as XML. More cosmetic for XML.
  • #613 - update make file, Alexios will help.
  • #663 - update to matching guidelines needs to be applied on website, then tools need to be updated. https equiv to http (#895? ) Website documentation will need to be update. Tech tag removed.
  • #853 - add validity to cross reference. Still valid URL and originate. No appetite in current volunteers to keep this up to date and add it in tooling (volunteer to write algorithm too). Not seeing enough upside.
  • #890 - XML schema XSD - Alexios working on this.
  • #897 - add attribute spacing to alt element. Issue with tooling for optional or alt tag, single character vs word - no good way to tell in XML. Added spacing hint.
    • Alexios is working on documentation of schema. Gary suggests adding spacing hints to alt variable while going through schema. 897 assigned to Alexios.

SPDX Spec Issue 105 – Add country or region of origin as an optional field

  • Matthew - submitted #105 - would be useful to say software is not related to company.
    • Gary suggests refering to ISO 2166 country code definitions.
    • Agree want to also have no-assertion and multiple as value.
    • SPDX record of all software - so just recording.
    • Action Matthew: will be adding in his thoughts here. Think about if one or two are listed, could there be more?
    • Punt on negative syntax for now.