Technical Team/Minutes/2019-04-02

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April 4, 2019


  • Kate Stewart
  • Gary O'Neall
  • Mark Atwood
  • Rohit Lodha
  • Steve Winslow
  • Jack Manbeck
  • Krys Nuvadga
  • Philippe Ombredanne


  • Several proposals submitted and being reviewed
  • Need to merge ideas 4.1 and 4.2 since 4.1 is not significant enough
  • Need to process the pull requests for the Python libraries


  • Agree to standard order DNS – agree with Alexios comment
  • Need to add Pull Request to add flat namespaces
  • Should also accept DNS names in the namespace registry – but need to consider the DNS names are “owned” by the DNS owner – maybe a checkbox
  • Link to licenses – would be a web accessible repository of SPDX documents describing the licenses (optional)
  • contrib, – relate to a local repository – policy decision
  • library to support local repository of XML documents -
  • XML or JSON – or SPDX document – URL to SPDX document, XML
  • XML external reference links
  • Reviewed name space syntax issues
    • Philippe has concerns on the readability, but agreed we could move forward with the proposal
    • Identified the specification needs to be updated since license text will not be in the document for LicenseRef-[namespaces]
  • issue #113 updated based on discussion:
  • Gary will update the project ideas based on today’s discussion
  • A pull request will be created to update the spec for 2.2