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July 3, 2018


  • Gary O’Neall
  • Yev Bronshteyn
  • Krys Nuvadga
  • Tushar Mittal
  • Ndip Tanyi
  • Kate Stewart
  • Thomas Steenberg

SPDX GSoC Updates

  • NDip – [will post status to Gitter]
  • Tushar – Sorry my internet was not stable, so posting my work updates here. Last week I completed the diff feature, which the user can use to review the changes and the validate feature which validates the XML text against the license schema. Currently there is a small bugs in the diff feature and also I need to implement pulling of the schema from the repo when user uses the validate feature. For the pull request feature I asked one of the github members, so he said that one bot account is allowed for the users and organizations. So I'll be exploring the Github apps and figuring out which method works better. Will be post my views on that.
  • Yash - I'm working on the rdf attributes of the Snippet class. I'm planning to integrate 2 more attributes like the SnippetLicenseComments and SnippetCopyrightText and include them all in a single PR
  • Gallo – Today I did some changes suggested by @rtgdk . The view for viewing the license requests list is almost completed. It is still missing the links to the license requests information. The list includes the license fullname, identifier and submission date columns for filtering; just as it was determined weeks ago.

For testing this feature, I included a example data file with some records to load and view the license requests submitted. I will be working on the url that will show the license request complete information.

2.1.1 Version of Specification

Upcoming Agenda

  • #54 & 53. Need both Philippe and Trevor for this discussion
  • Alternative formats JSON / YAML / XML – Thomas is looking into using the alternate formats with ORT. We seem to have a consensus to support the multiple formats and the tools have been prototyped. Next step would be to determine how we will include these changes in the spec and tooling to support.
  • License repository and license namespaces – BMW is interested in sponsoring a student to work on building a facility where you could submit a license and it would check if the license text matches then provide either the matching SPDX license ID or a temporary license ID. This would require introducing some type of license name space to clearly distinguish the temporary license ID’s from the SPDX license ID’s. It also opens up the broader topic of namespaces for licenses provided by different organizations.