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April 4, 2017


  • Thomas Steenberger
  • Alexios Zavros
  • Yev
  • Brad
  • Uday Korlimarla
  • Philippe Ombredanne
  • Jack Manbeck
  • Kate Stewart


  • Google of Summer of Code Approved Projects (Philippe)
  • Tranfer of Specification to GitHub project (Thomas)
  • Review of features for next revision of Specification (Kate & all)


  • GSoC
    • GSoC - 4 students slotted and selected.
      • license coverage grader
      • online validation tool - server side. python.
      • validation of license expressions. java
      • github integration.
    • Everything takes place in open. Define logistics.
    • All communication should go through mailing list.
    • Code developed in open in github, private repository, move over afterwards.
    • Frequent online chat with students. use #SPDX channel?
  • Spec Hosting --> Github
    • Thomas demonstrated what he’s done with conversion.
    • Finishing off License list expressions. Lot of links still need to be cleaned up.
    • Building it with Converting to version 4. Thomas waiting for repository on other side.
    • Phillipe: Proposes prefix repo name with SPDX - so spdx-specification. Will relabel existing "spec" as spdx-vocabulary possibly tagging/noting as 1.2, all ok with it.
    • Thomas: Writing in gitbook like plugins. So everyone can contribute.
  • Next Spec