Technical Team/Minutes/2017-11-28

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Nov. 28, 2017


  • Gary O’Neall
  • Alexios Zavras
  • Trevor King
  • Bradley Kuhn
  • Thomas Steenbergen
  • Kate Stewart

OR-LATER proposal

Update on SPDX tooling from Thomas

  • Tooling inputs repository information
  • Open source on github:
  • Supports 5 build tools
  • Package manager information is typically incomplete
  • Wraps around various scanners, fixes the meta data
  • Setting up a repository for missing package metadata – working with Microsoft, Qualcom, others
  • Generates the SPDX at the end
  • working with MS, Qualcom others on metadata

Upcoming tech meetings

  • Google Summer of Code project ideas – Dec. 5
  • Pickup discussion on the ambiguity operator – Dec. 12