Technical Team/Minutes/2017-11-07

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Nov. 7, 2017


  • Gary O’Neall
  • Kate Stewart
  • Philippe Ombredanne

SPDX tooling

  • A lot of work is needed to support the new XML format for the listed licenses
  • Issues are listed on the tools github:
  • Suggest we update the Wiki to point to the issues

License Contrib Discuss

  • Discussed having a license contrib. or “license commons” area where different people can contribute licenses which are not yet on the SPDX license list
  • Discussed having a subdirectory or repository in github for groups to contribute
  • Discussed the meta-data needed
    • Agreed that we should use the SPDX document as a way to presenting the license metadata
  • Philippe will create a proposal for upcoming tech team

Linux Kernel SPDX ID Patch

  • Patch(s) were made to add SPDX license ID’s to the Linux Kernel files
  • Ongoing work to incorporate the patches
    • Some discrepancies between file and module licenses
      • Patching module license to match the file level licenses found