Technical Team/Minutes/2017-09-26

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Sept. 26, 2017


  • Gary O’Neall
  • Kate Stewart
  • Uday Shankar
  • Thomas Steenbergen
  • Alexios Zavras
  • Philippe Ombredanne
  • Jack Manbeck

SPDX License Test Files

  • Discussed different use cases
    • Test license scanner (original use case)
    • Test license code generator
    • Test license matching (e.g. individual text compared SPDX listed license using matching license guidelines)
  • How to determine the expected outcome of a test
    • Use an SPDX file to describe expected output
    • File naming convention -
      • Restricts different more complex tests
    • Use a YAML file
      • May be difficult to find the specific files for test cases
  • Tarball or files
    • Agree repository should use files
  • File Naming convention
    • Do we use the directory to denote the test types?
  • Next Week:
    • Agree on directory and file structure
    • Agree on any additional test data metadata format (e.g. YAML, JSON, SPDX, etc.)