Technical Team/Minutes/2017-07-11

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July 11, 2017


  • Gary O’Neall
  • Thomas Steenberg
  • Anna Buhman
  • Yev Bronshteyn
  • Kate Stewart
  • Philippe Ombredanne
  • Krys Nuvadga
  • Rohit Lodha
  • Alexios Zavras
  • Aleksandr Lisianoi

Student Reports

  • Updates from Krys, Alex, and Anna
  • All projects making progress – details in gitter
  • Anna will test the github project against a clone of the Linux kernel and post the results to gitter

Spec Github Repository

  • Discussed Trevor’s proposal
  • Discussed where to host the HTML web pages – github or
    • Consensus on
    • Will confirm with Jack
  • Moving to issues to track spec bugs and enhancements

Next SPDX Specification