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Feb. 16, 2017

Linux Foundation Leadership Summit – Git Integration Discussion

Discussion Outcomes

  • Git Plugin scoping - resulting in a project idea(s) for integrating SPDX with GIT for the purpose of increased SPDX document adoption
  • Review and refinement of the overall tools project ideas page

Git Plugin scoping

  • Primary target user: code originator
  • Purpose: Generate SPDX documents using existing API's or hooks
  • Objectives: Developer tool, visibility, generation, "anyone can do it"
  • Produces: Valid SPDX documents
  • Use existing API's
  • Git API or GitHub API?
    • Git API covers more usage (local, server, several services)
    • GitHub API - more visible
    • Git API only at commit level - too granular
    • Agree to pursue GitHub API so that we can do by release rather than at commit level
    • Roll-up per file license information based on SPDX license ID included in the files
      • Optionally do some parsing of the source files for license/copyright info
  • Can also be used for a "score" of license compliance (although there is a separate proposal for scoring)
  • Package level information can be provided through a mechanism to be decided (it could be a metafile like .spdx or an SPDX document with package only information, or perhaps a UI)
  • Would be triggered on a build

Other tools project ideas

  • build related tools
    • Yocto - several tools already, but we need package relationships. Tools under development, but there is scope for an additional project idea
    • Maven - existing tool which could be leveraged
    • MSBuild - Would be worth exploring
    • PIP - Would be worth exploring
    • DEB - High usage, would be worth exploring
    • NPM - Uses license ID's, but does not yet produce SPDX docs - would be worth exploring
    • Others we may explore in the future - Gradle, Ivy, C/C++/Make, Other languages
  • Online validation and other online tools
  • Summary tools that target different audiences (e.g. legal) a.k.a. "viewers"
  • Transparence/Scoring
    • Command line tool to score license compliance based on the license information in files
    • Goal: Improve the license compliance information in the files
    • Approach: Pseudo code -> tool
    • Features: Ability to identify files that are deficient