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February 9, 2016


  • Gary O'Neall
  • Kate Stewart
  • Bill Schineller
  • Yev Bronshteyn
  • Scott Sterling
  • Mark Gisi

Package External ID's Proposal

  • Proposal at
  • Restructured document similar to the license list - previous section 2.12 is no its own section
  • Discussion on external reference list version - Kate will review
  • External Reference - Should we have a delimiter between repository and ID?
    • Specific to the repository type - hard to choose a single delimiter character that may not be used
    • Proposal to follow the pattern for section 2.6 - external document references
      • First space is a delimiter
      • Everything after the first space up until the end of line is the repository
    • Do we restrict it to one line?
      • Debian example where multiple lines may desireable
      • We can always add <text> in later and not loose backwards compatibility
      • Decided on one line - will re-evaluate adding <text> in the future
  • External Reference Location
    • Should it be section 9 or section 6?
    • 6 is already used in the spec
    • Updated text in section to indicate that all mandatory fields must be present after the ID
  • ID Format
    • Should we remove the "+"
      • Doesn't have the same issue as license ID
      • Should we be consistent with the license ID?
      • License refs will no longer allow "+" in version 2.1 of the spec
      • Decide to be consistent with the license ID - no + allowed
  • Category discussion 3.21
    • Should this be in the package instance area or part of the external reference (currently section 6 and spdx external reference list)
    • Relationship type is instance specific
    • Proposal:
      • Add externalReferenceCatagory to the external reference section to denote categories that are associated with the externalReference
      • Add comment to the externalReference (currently section 6)
      • Leave the category in section 3 as an "override" - change cardinality to optional
    • Proposal was not confirmed in the meeting - Request for some specific examples - for next week