Technical Team/Minutes/2016-01-12

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January 12, 2016


  • Gary O'Neall
  • Hassib Khanafer
  • Yev Bronshteyn
  • Kate Stewart
  • Scott Sterling
  • Mark Gisi

External References

  • Should we have the external reference be split into 2 sections - one at the top of the doc and one in section 3
    • Will follow-up with Bill on the proposal and close on it later (skipping section 2.12 for now)
  • Starting to like the idea of splitting out the external reference type definitions in a document section
    • Going through examples to make sure we are comfortable
    • Git example on the scratchpad
    • Debian example
      • various ways to get to the same package in Debian (e.g. browse through the URL, use apt-get)
      • Suggest we include multiple external repository ID's for Debian which use the different routes (e.g. one for browsing and one for apt-get)
      • Ask Debian for preference
  • Need add specific format for external repository ID's to distinguish local external repository references vs. pre-defined external repositories

Next week's call - topic will be license templates - will be one hour earlier - Kate will send out the email on the logistics