Technical Team/Minutes/2015-10-06

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October 6, 2015


  • Gary O'Neall
  • Yev Bronshteyn
  • Bill Schineller
  • Kate Stewart

Updates from Apache and LinuxCon Europe

  • Good talks by Jilayne and Mark
  • Apache discussion
    • Two talks - first lightly attended, second talk increased the awareness
    • Suggested that we develop a Maven Plugin (which is already developed)
      • Gary to forward email thread to Kate
      • Kate will forward and introduce Gary to the discussion

External Identifiers

  • Continuing the discussion - reviewing document at
  • Reviewed proposal for 3.20.5 and 3.20.6 with Kate
    • Discussed single line with parsed fields vs. multiple fields
    • If multiple fields, it should be broken into multiple subsections
    • If single line, we could have the repository location at the end then we only need to worry about allowing spaces in the ID itself
      • We could not come up with any examples of ID's with spaces, but we were all nervous that such a schema for ID naming could exist
    • Discussed multiple fields
      • Order of the section - should type come first or should ID?
      • Now that they are multiple fields, what should the cardinality be (e.g. multiple ID's under the same type)?
    • Kate will think about the proposed changes and we will discuss next week