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Sept 8, 2015


  • Kate Stewart
  • Bill Schineller
  • Scott Sterling
  • Yev Bronshteyn
  • Hassib Khanafer


  • Concluded license on snippets - change rdf:about attributes to unique ID of file.
  • Need to replace "SPDX File" with "SPDX Document" everywhere.
    • Decided to make the change for 2.1 and not rev in 2.0
  • Change "Concluded License" spec attribute name to "Snippet Concluded License".
    • Change "Concluded License" in File and Package accordingly.
  • Naming of "Snippet Concluded License" section inconsistent with tag name "snippetLicenseConcluded", but this is consistent with the files section ("LicenseConcluded" tag, but "Concluded License" header).
  • Should add use examples under Snippet Information heading.
  • Discussed why the reference to COPYING in the Concluded License section. Change "analyze" to "reconcile" to better suggest the use case of license for snippet as indicator of license conflicts.
  • Add difference of concluded license between snippets and files as a scenario for a Snippet Comment on License into section X.5.1
  • Should "NOASSERTION" be available for snippet license? Decided that it is, in fact, quite likely.
  • Update example of snippet license comments to include prototypical example of a snippet being the result of a copy&paste from a different source.
  • Clarified the example language in 5.5, need to change 5.6 to match.
  • Multiple changes from "file" to "snippet" in copied&pasted text.
  • Defined more appropriate example for Snippet Comment.

Kate to clean up SPDX commentary. We all agree that once the discussed changes are made, the change can be added to the master 2.1 spec. May need to revisit 0 and 1.

Next week, revisit external IDs, Kate to post comments from Stefano on spdx-tech prior to next meeting. -DONE

LWN news: good writeup of debsource DB. Mentions generating SPDX.

Supply chain workshop on October 8 in Dublin. (Stefano and Uday).