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January 1, 2015


  • Gary O'Neall
  • Scott Sterling
  • Kate Stewart


  • Bugs
  • Close on license model updates for license expression language

NOTE: We will be changing the meeting times going forward to every Tuesday at 10:00AM Pacific time, 1:00PM Eastern

Bugs Review

  • Bug 1191 - External license refs
    • Propose to address in 2.0
    • Change all license refs to allow for external references
      • [externalID:]LicenseRef-XXX
    • Need to change in many sections in the document
    • Need to change to absolute URI's in the RDF format (same approach we use for external references for files and packages). Similar to section 6.2.6.
    • Kate will update the document to permit optional external license references
    • Gary will update the RDF stuff
    • Gary to provide an example in RDF
    • Gary to validate whether the model needs to be udpated

License Exception Model Discussion

  • Currently, we don't have a way to define custom exceptions for the With
  • Agree we will need to have it - question is for 2.0 or 2.1?
  • If we add example to SImpleLicenseInfo, it has the same fields as LicenseException
  • Change LicenseWithException to point to SimpleLicenseInfo for the exception - get rid of LicenseException class
  • Add example to SimpleLicenseInfo
  • WithExceptionOperator, OrLatorOperator naming - OK with naming change to With and Or
  • Agreed to keep the current LicenseException (at least for 2.0) and solve the problem with including custom license exception texts as part of 2.1