Technical Team/Minutes/2014-12-30

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December 30, 2014


  • Gary O'Neall
  • Bill Schineller
  • Scott Sterling


  • Review model and RDF extensions for the License Expression Language

Draft Reviews

  • Standard License in the model - Should it be renamed to Listed License? Legal team has requested it to be renamed to Listed License.
    • Change name of Standard License to SPDX License list in Appendix I. Bill made a recommended change to the spec.
    • The use of ListedLicense in the model may be confusing since it is a subclass without a specific license
  • Discussed inheritance and model for LicenseWithException
    • Should it be a subclass of SimpleLicenseInfo or License?
      • Pro's - easier to understand, would not need the property to relate back to a SimpleLicenseInfo
      • Con's - Not as flexible as the proposed subclass of AnyLicenseInfo and inconsistent with how we treat ConjunctiveLicenseSet and DisjunctiveLicenseSet
      • Agreed to keep the current proposed relationship
    • The name LicenseWithException is confusing - implies it is a type of (or subclass of) License
      • Proposed new name WithExceptionOperator
    • The property for the license should be of type SimpleLicensingInfo instead of AnyLicenseInfo. Gary to update the model.
  • We also need to add the '+' operator to the model
    • Add OrLaterOperator as a subtype of AnyLicenseInfo