Technical Team/Minutes/2014-06-17

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June 17, 2014


  • Bill Schineller
  • Gary O'Neall
  • Scott Sterling
  • Matt Germonprez


  • Review filetype proposal from Kate

Relationship and Usage type documentation


  • Can we drop cruft?
    • Use case - non licensing impacting files (e.g. git or subversion meta data)
    • Usage type is more appropriate for recording this information
    • Will move the conversation over to the usage type
    • Added usage type usageType_nonlicenseImpacting
    • Usage/relationship type update
  • Suggestion to add the filetypes to the google doc of relationship and usage
  • How do we handle the ambiguities?
    • Should we define when to use which file type (e.g. executables should always use binaries and not application)

GSoC Update

  • Merge tool - a bit behind original expected code, but should be seeing some info posted to the tech dist. list today
  • Automated spdx creation - Matt is working with the student, should see some info posted by end of day to the dist list
    • Not currently using the SPDX git repo - decided not to change this at this time (could be disruptive to the project). Will discuss at end of project.