Technical Team/Minutes/2014-02-18

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Feb 18, 2014


  • Gary O’Neall
  • Kirsten Newcomer
  • Michael Herzog
  • Scott Sterling
  • Jack Manbeck
  • Kate Stewart


  • SPDX 2.0 requirements document
  • Google Summer of Code
  • Update on SPDX adoption - Genivi
  • Tag/value format

SPDX 2.0 requirements document

  • Previous versions have been reviewed by business team, no feedback has been received from the tech team
  • Business team priority of use cases need to be reconciled with tech team thoughts - pls. review the next draft
  • Question on the "use of meta tag"
    • Not sure what this term means
    • The term meta tags refers to the use of SPDX license IDs in source code
    • could probably be a better term
    • Kirsten will update requirements doc to be more descriptive
  • Plan to post this week for one more review then it should be final
  • Feedback to both take out and leave in the use case references
  • Decided to leave them out

Google Summer of Code

Genivi SPDX adoption

  • Kate is working with Genivi who are looking at adopting SPDX as part of their compliance
  • Background on Genivi can be found at
  • starting to do generations for OE/Yocto on their code base
  • Kate will post further updates to the tech team mailing list
  • Looking at the Fossology / SPDX work from UNO as a starting point for a scan
  • Would be a good test case for SPDX 2.0


  • Feedback from Liang, JSON may not be as readible as tag/value
  • We're still leaning towards unifying, but based on Liang's feedback we should look at a tag/value format
  • Kate suggests along the lines of E#: Tag: Value, as way of handling abstraction/element references
  • Gary generally thinks that sounds like it should be possible to translate to/from
  • Kate will post a proposal to the mail list