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Jan 28, 2014


  • Gary O’Neall
  • Bill Schineller
  • Michael Herzog
  • Scott Sterling
  • Kate Stewart
  • Mark Gishi


  • Discuss Tag/Value format choices for SPDX 2.0

Tag/Value Format

  • Reviewed Turtle proposal
    • More readable the XML
    • Concerns on not being able to easily grep
    • Nesting (use of '[ ]') causes the issues with grep
    • If we go with Turtle - should we stop supporting RDF/XML and just go with one format?
      • Would greatly simplify the spec and tooling
      • Possible concern with modifications to Turtle format for readibility
  • Reviewed JSON proposal
    • Apeals to most developers
    • May apeal to both communities (Linux and Java)
    • Does not support Schema's for validation which could be an issue for validation
    • People on the call were favorable to JSON as a format
  • General willingness to explore alternative formats if it helps drive us to a single format
  • Another possibility is to continue to use the tag/value format using the adjacent tag/value pairs to describe what is contained within the more complex objects
    • Not sure if this is doable with the SPDX 2.0 use cases (not sure that it is not doable either)
    • Kate will work through some of the use cases and see if this proposal is worth pursuing
  • Take away: This could be an opportunity to go to a singke format

Instance Diagram

  • Bill went over the documented instance diagram for the complete packaged composite dlivery
  • Suggestion to use a specific example
    • Jack will provide a download URL for an example we can use and work with Bill
  • Use case proposal - Binary distribution
  • Use case proposal - Distro with a large package contained within it
  • Use Yocto as an example
  • Ability to express additional relationships with sufficient power to describe various domains (e.g. embedded systems to high level applications)

Collab Summit

  • Would like to meet the day before
  • Does anyone have any office space in the bay area?
  • Kate checking with Linux Foundation to see if we can get a room for the day before.