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Nov. 26, 2013


  • Gary O’Neall
  • Bill Schineller
  • Scott Sterling
  • Kate Stewart


SPDX 2.0 Updates and discussion Maven proposal for tools Markos Project

SPDX 2.0

  • Usage Field proposal (see
    • General agreement that usage is part of the relationship
    • Discussion on how the relationships are impacted when nesting one SPDX document inside another SPDX document
      • Will any of the relationships be “overridden”?
      • Do we have sufficient mechanisms in the model? Annotation can be used.
      • Will consider in the instance diagramming effort
  • Mechanisms for tag/value format in capturing more complex relationships in SPDX 2.0
    • Gary did some research and the Turtle RDF format can be made readable with sufficient namespace manipulation
    • Gary to produce an SPDX 1.2 example of the Turtle format for discussion

Maven use in SPDX tools

  • Proposal to move to Maven builds for the SPDX tools and remove the libraries from the direct distribution
  • Most call participants were neutral to positive on use of Maven
  • Suggestion to look at Artifactory
    • Update: It looks like the Artifactory repository will support the Maven POM files to be used in the SPDX Tools

MarkOS Project