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Aug 27, 2013


  • Bill Schineller
  • Sameer Hamid
  • Gary O’Neall
  • Mark Gisi
  • Jack Manbeck
  • Kate Stewart
  • Marshall Clow


  • 1.2 Specification review

1.2 Specification

  • Change 1.2 spec structure to be a folder with separate files for each section
  • Need to update URL’s – Jack updated a word doc version for 1.1.
    • Kate will send Jack a doc version from Google Docs. Jack will update and send back to Kate for posting.
    • RDF terms page on the website – this file is generated. We will upload the terms page directly. Gary will send Jack the generated page to review the HTML.
    • Should we keep previous versions or RDF terms – on the Wiki site. RDF terms page will always be the current.
    • Gary will research tool that generates the RDF to make sure the URL’s are correct. Jack will send Gary some examples.
  • Review of license ID changes – approved
  • File dependency proposal – Discussion on whether we should wait for 2.0
    • Plus – would give us data for the 2.0 implementation
    • Minus – May create a compatibility issue
    • Use of comment field for experimentation
    • General agreement that this is an important feature
    • Proposal for a breakout session on this field
    • Agreed to a breakout session on this Thursday – same time as Tuesday