Technical Team/Minutes/2013-08-13

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Aug 13, 2013


  • Gary O’Neall
  • Mark Gisi
  • Jack Manbeck
  • Kate Stewart


  • 1.2 Specification review

1.2 Specification

  • LicenseListVersion – need to add to RDF
  • Discussion of the need to include the license matching guidelines
    • Issue: Is the license matching guidelines a best practice or part of the specification. Some members considered it more as a best practice and some members consider it an obligation. Mark will review the section more carfully, but for now we will leave it in the specification document.
    • Issue: If this is part of the spec, should it be in its own document? Good arguments were made for both approaches. For now, we will keep it as an appendix. – Kate to move section to the appendix
  • Other sections in Google Docs version of the spec were reviewed
  • Project home page – Gary to research if DOAP has a property for this already – will revisit 4.10 next week
  • Local short name – Mark will send out a proposal for discussion next week
  • Schedule: Should be on track to finish the specifications by next week (including RDF).