Technical Team/Minutes/2013-05-28

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May 28, 2013


  • Gary O’Neall
  • Bill Schineller
  • Kate Stewart
  • Kirsten Newcomer
  • Jack Manbeck
  • Michael Herzog


  • 1.2 features

1.2 features

  • Setting target and version to 1.1 for Usage Conventions (does not need to be tied to a 1.2 release)
  • Usage conventions and best practices will be part of the same document
  • Jack will start to make entries on the Wiki for the best practices
  • Agreed the “document” should be a wiki
  • Suggestions on organization – same structure as the spec and/or have sections for producers and consumers
  • Bug 885 – consistency in spec – assigned to Kate – version 1.1.1 (does not need to wait for the 1.2 release)
  • General license templating proposal will be on a separate track (not tied to 1.2)
  • Legal team has minutes from the recent call on the templating proposal
  • Bug 1000 – leave at 2.0 since it is related to code snippets
  • Bug 1075 – need to update Ruby tools, currently no owner since Peter left. Gary will talk to Matt to see if there is interest in UNO contributing.
  • Bug 1109/1127 – home page tag – target 1.2
  • Bug 1110 – tag case sensitivity – target 1.2, will revisit decision on if tags should be case sensitive
  • Bug 1121 – license headers – does affect the spec – optional field. Currently targeted to 2.0, would like to pull back to 1.2.
  • Discussion on how much we standardize the templating/headers – Gary will write-up the results of the templating language proposal would look like in the spec
  • Bug 1125 Review clarification – target 1.2

Remaining 5-6 bugs without target dates will be reviewed next week