Technical Team/Minutes/2013-04-30

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  • Gary O’Neall
  • Bill Schineller
  • Kirsten Newcomer
  • Kate Stewart
  • Michael Herzog


  • Updates
  • Review of plugfest results
  • Review proposal for license matching from Daniel
  • 1.2 release


  • Yocto - UNO will be working on generating SPDX autogen for Yocto. Expect some improvement ideas and bugs from this effort.
  • Internlinking bug databases between Yocto and SPDX was discussed

Collab Summit Review

  • Correction to previous minutes - we should include both the concluded and asserted license fields in the legal discussion on if it is allowed to include incompatible licenses in a conjunctive license set

Review proposal for license matching from Daniel

  • Agree that regex is OK approach
  • Concern on possible errors in regex's
    • Publish guidelines on the acceptable regular expressions for certain rules
  • Discussion naming convention
    • Agree that some convention is needed
    • Request guidance for legal
    • Should we require the names to be unique within a license? [no conclusion]
  • Should the type (required or optional) handled by regular expressions? [no conclusion]
    • Could be handled by regex (e.g. 0:1)
    • Would require more knowledge of regular expressions to use
  • Agree that keywords are lowercase
  • Come up with some new names for the keywords (needs to be more specific)
  • When are the regular expressions being applied, before or after being normalized?
    • After normalization has the advantage of simpler regular expressions
    • Normalization would require more specification to the rules (e.g. which equivalent word to we normalize too)
    • Normalization prior to processing the regular expressions would reduce some of the matching capabilities. For example, if you really wanted to match exactly the word "Copyright", normalization would allow other equivalent terms to be matched
    • Agree to discuss this at a later date