Technical Team/Minutes/2013-03-12

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  • Gary O’Neall
  • Marshall Clow
  • Bill Schineller
  • Kirsten Newcomer
  • Kate Stewart
  • Michael Herzog


  • Model Discussion
  • Updates


  • Gary will update the model based on last week’s discussion and post a new graphic and the input data for the model
  • Bill to send out Snippets modeling discussion out to the group for a broader discussion
  • Annotation Discussion
    • Annotations in Ed’s proposal are used for properties (both standard and additional properties) and for a “changelog”
    • Merged model is using it more as a changelog
    • Should the Annotations be tied to the relationship?
    • It could also be tied to the SPDXDocument or the SPDX Element
    • Are comments sufficient?
      • Annotations are more machine readable
    • Proposal to handle changelogs with comments in the Relationship object
    • Proposal to handle changelogs with Reviewer comments
    • Agreed to move the discussion from Annotations concept in general to more specific use cases
    • One use case that needs exploring is the “changlogs” for new versions of SPDX documents
    • Tabling annotations and keeping SPDX elements alive
    • Should we have the SPDX relationship at the SPDX Doc level, SPDX Element level, or both?
    • Agree to remove annotation from the model for now
    • Agree to add a SPDX Doc to SPDX doc relationship
    • ArtifactOf – need to discuss how this relates to the relationship (follow-up discussion)
    • Add comment to relationship objects