Technical Team/Minutes/2013-02-26

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  • Gary O’Neall
  • Marshall Clow
  • Bill Schineller
  • Kate Stewart
  • Michael Herzog
  • Jack manbeck


  • Collab Summit Planning
  • Model Discussion
  • Updates

Collab Summit Planning

  • Wednesday tools discussion and hackathon
  • Tuesday Morning tech team face to face. Modeling discussion will be one of the topics.


  • Gary will update the model based on last week’s discussion and post a new graphic and the input data for the model
  • Snippets discussion on modeling options w.r.t. Technical_Team/Proposals/2012-02-01/Merged_Model_Proposal
    • Proposal to direct subclass SpdxFile inherits licenseData, annotation, generic sPDXElementRelationship, fileName, fileType ; extended to include a byte range
    • Alternative proposal to extend the existing SpdxFile to include a file range
    • Alternative proposal to have a snippet be a direct subclass of SPDXElement (inherits licenseData, annotation, generic sPDXElementRelationship) and have an association to a file.
      • also have a special relationship(s) between Snippet-Snippet, Snippet-File (a relationship to the file it is contained in, in this package, and perhaps some external file (different byte range?) described in another SPDXDoc (from another package)
  • Do we need to include the byte range?
    • Byte range adds complexity
    • Do we need this level?
    • Verification use cases may need this?
  • Thought to use annotations for the byte range
  • Conclusions:
    • We should capture the byte range within a file
    • The choice of where we model the snippet is open
    • Bill will send out an email to solicit input from the mailing list
    • Annotation concept: should SPDX model have some 'standard' Annotations? Need to flesh out. Recall a suggested application of Annotation was to indicate a Change/Edit of data in a referenced SPDXDoc. (e.g. in the referenced SPDXDoc is says SPDXElement has licenseData X. My Annotation amends that to say it has licenseData Y).
      • Another Annotation application: adding non-standard properties to an SPDXElement (known/understood only by parties in the know, but non-breaking)
      • At all applicable to indicating the byte range of a contains Relationship?


  • Kate traveling next week in Asia and will not be able to join the call