Technical Team/Minutes/2012-10-23

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  • Gary O’Neall
  • Bill Schineller
  • Jack Manbeck
  • Brandon Robinson
  • Jeff Gran
  • Kate Stewart


  • Updates on work with other organizations
  • 1.1 Model


A few new projects with SPDX underway – Matt Germonprez at Univeristy of Nebraska Omaha is working on a hosted FOSSology integration with SPDX. Proposal that we have some interoperability testing being done at the Collab summit. General agreement that this would be a good agenda item for the summit.

Reference examples should be posted on the Internet. Time project as an example. Kate will post an example in tag/value format. The example will be validated with other tools.

1.1 Model

Jeff built a model from the 1.1 RDF spec (generated). The 1.0 model can be found at the end of the SPDX 1.0 spec.

Comparison between the model Jeff built and the 1.0 model.

Data License – Agree to change the RDF to reference a SimpleLicenseInfo with a restriction on it being CDDL 1.0. Change can be done in 1.2 version of the spec. Jeff’s spec needs to add a line for the DataLicense

Disjunction/Conjunctive licenses – needs to be fixed up on Jeff’s diagram (use the 1.0 spec as a reference).