Technical Team/Minutes/2012-09-11

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  • Gary O’Neall
  • Bill Schineller
  • Kate Steward
  • Jack Manbeck
  • Michael Herzog
  • Marshall Clow


  • Tools Document
  • Website
  • 2.0 Use Cases


  • Proposal for changes to general meeting format and minutes page
    • Agreed to a format similar to the current business team pages
    • Need to update examples page –
      • rename current examples to 1.0 examples
      • restructure pages so that 1.1 is top level and the 1.0 examples are archived
      • Examples for 1.1 need to be added
        • SPDX tool itself
        • Binutils (Mark Gisi)
        • Time

Tools Document

  • Split the document so that the tool independent information is a separate high level doc
  • Updates to the document to correct URL’s etc
  • Separate information for submitting bugs and code to the tools
  • Git repository may have some issues
  • The tools doc needs to be update to point to instead of the Linux foundation git repo

2.0 Use Cases

  • Yocto build use cases (see updated 2.0 use case Wiki page)
  • Re-look at the complexities that exist in some of the use cases – this can help drive what fields are mandatory and which fields are optional
  • Debian linking use case (see updated 2.0 use case Wiki page)
  • Michael will investigate the Debian build system

Future agenda items

  • Future implementation ideas (e.g. Ed’s proposal)
  • Release schedule – should there be a 1.2?