Technical Team/Minutes/2012-06-12

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  • Gary O’Neall
  • Bill Schineller
  • Kate Stewart
  • Peter William
  • Ed Warnicke
  • Jack Manbeck
  • Michael Herzog


  • Use case definitions
  • Web pages
  • 1.1 update

1.1 Discussion

  • Bug 1023 - sec 5.4 terminology is inconsistent with RDF vocabulary used in license list
    • Spec will be updated to use rdfs:seeAlso
    • Tag will be LicenseCrossReference:
    • Will remove “canonical source” reference
    • Describing the cardinality – currently “Conditional (optional one or more)”. Inconsistent with LicenseComment. Proposal to use “Conditional (optional one or more)” for all cases for zero or more.
      • Proposal to add definitions of “Conditional”, “Mandatory” and “Optional”
  • Bug xxxx – standard license list:
    • Additional terms have not been discussed
    • Currently, terms have been used on the standard license
    • Agreed that we need to discuss and document the terms
    • Will discuss this next week
  • Comments in the document
    • RDF serialization has its own comment format (e.g. RDF/XML comments would be <!—comment -->)
    • If using tag/value, ‘#’ only starting on column 1 – will add to spec documentation
    • Tools and examples will be updated
  • Section 5.3 ExtractedLicenseInfo licenseName – inconsistency with spec – change RDF and tooling to use property licenseName (consistent with spec document).

Web page updates

  • Need a volunteer to update one of the pages
  • Jack will post the current page changes