Technical Team/Minutes/2012-05-29

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  • Gary O’Neall
  • Bill Schineller
  • Kirsten Newcomer
  • Michael Herzog
  • Kate Stewart
  • Marshall Clow
  • Ed Warnicke
  • Peter Williams
  • Jack Manbeck


  • Remove Use Cases
  • New website – deadline on the 31st to move over all the web pages

Web page update

  • Jack will send around some web pages for review
  • Gary will update the minutes page for the new website
  • Need additional volunteers for other tech web pages

Remove use cases

  • Agreed to move the use cases that were not specified to the “Graveyard”
  • Concern on cutting use cases that have not been spec’d – may not represent all stakeholders
    • Agree to continue the cutting exercise, but allow for use cases to be brought back to life at a later date after working on the model for some time
  • All non-specified use cases were moved to a child page
  • Reviewed use cases for completeness
    • “Committer Annotates Source Files with SPDX data”

1.1 Update

Peter needs to update the RDF vocabulary first.