Technical Team/Minutes/2012-05-22

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  • Gary O’Neall
  • Bill Schineller
  • Kirsten Newcomer
  • Michael Herzog
  • Kate Stewart
  • Peter Williams
  • Marshal Clow
  • Jack Manbeck


  • Specification
  • Web page restructuring
  • Use Cases

Web page restructuring

  • Reviewed proposal from Jack
  • Jack will implement the proposal on the new pages
  • Suggestion to add a section for new proposals – would add under the “spec in progress section”

Use Cases

  • Today is the deadline for the 2.0 Use Cases – reminder to do your use cases
  • Send out reminder to entire SPDX distribution that the use cases for 2.0 is due – Kate will send out


  • Spec should be up to date
  • Need to add RDF examples
  • Changes to spec – 6.11 – file comments; 5.5 – license comments
  • Discussion on if the RDF for licenseComment should be its own property or use the standard RDF comment
  • Discussion on the model – the license comment we are adding will have a range of License and/or ExtractedLicensingInfo – Peter will submit a bug
  • The term licenseComment is ambiguous – similar to the pre-existing field for file and package – Kate will propose a different tag name
  • File Comments – Will update 6.11.6 to use rdfs:comment – Kate
  • Peter will update the RDFS with changes for File Comments – add rdfs:comment to File
  • Suggestion to use an example other than one involving licenses – Kate will update with a more general example
  • Review of bugs:
    • Verification Code – close as resolved
    • Bug 1015: Different implementation approaches to solving the external license list problems between the RDF and spec. In the spec, additional fields are added to Extracted Licensing Info. In RDF, the License class is used to describe the external license (external license defined as a known license not in the SPDX standard license list). Agree to add property to extractedLicensingInfo for 1.1 and discuss the broader changes in the 2.0 spec.
    • For RDF extractedLicensingInfo – should we use sameAs or use the property – possibly use seeAlso – continue the discussion on the next call, or mailing list

Reminder – update your use cases!