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Minutes for April 4, 2012 Face to Face meeting at Linux Collaboration Summit


  • Marshall Clow
  • Kate Stewart
  • Ed Warnicke
  • Jack Manbeck
  • Gary O’Neall
  • Peter Williams
  • Bill Schineller
  • Kirsten Newcomer

Discussed proposed agenda for Thursday afternoon (4/5) meeting

  • Use case discussion (Thursday)
  • Mandatory vs. non-mandatory / backwards compatibility
  • SPDX Tech web site
    • Review progress; request update from volunteers, and from Steve C.

Steps needed to close on v 1.1 of the spec

  • Get Tech team to sign off, then publish to general team for final review
  • Open issues:
    • final pass to ensure RDF and spec are in synch -- Kate
    • Appendix 1 will be updated to reflect what’s on the website as of date -- Kate
    • Review section 1 to see if it needs to be updated -- Kirsten
    • Compare version 1.1 and 1.0 side by side -- Kirsten
    • Compare RDF terms, Spec terms, and tool implementation for 1.1 - Gary
    • 5.3 & 5.4:
      • Per discussion, these fields will be made OPTIONAL -- Kate
      • Peter to provide a proposal for how to present RDF examples for these fields
  • Provide guidelines to consumers for adopting 1.1
    • Minimum: update Data License and Package verification code
    • Available OSS tools support multiple versions of the spec

Proposed governance model for SDPX Technical group

  • Post agenda one day ahead of call
    • Kate owns and will delegate as needed
  • Proposals to be voted on will be posted to wiki and sent to mailing list
    • Votes sent to mailing list
    • Votes tabulated on wiki (with names)
    • We will use Plus one model for votes
      • Plus one (+) is a yes vote
      • Minus (-) is a no vote
      • Zero (0) is a present / don’t care vote
  • Any objection / negative vote results in a call scheduled on the topic
    • We assume that if you voted minus, you’ll participate in call

Brief discussion of signing & review fields

  • Suggest using annotations on already signed files for review data

Discussed schedule for 2.0. Potential schedule

  • Draft by end of 2012, with beta program
    • Need tools lined up to support beta
    • Provide v2.0 SPDX document as an example
    • 2.0 GA is about 1 year out

Proposed To-Do list for next 12 months

  • Mailing list for users: spdx-users
  • Publicize IRC channel; ensure registered
  • Additional tools needed
    • SPDX document for existing tools -- Gary
    • SPDX validator – enhance viewer
    • Reading packages and generating SPDX files – Ninka, Fossology
      • Gary has offered to help Fossology
    • License matching normalization – Kate & Daniel G.
    • License matcher – input text, and check to see if one of the standard licenses, leverage normalization tool
    • Existing tools now handle tag value format
      • Go between tag and rdf and spreadsheet
  • Tooling available with
    • Ubuntu – Kate & Gary
    • RPM
  • SPDX tools available via SaaS model
    • Amazon offers an option here
    • Gary has an instance already; UI needed
    • Ask LF to pay for hosting this instance for fixed domain (Kate/Jack will approach Jim when we’re ready)
  • Additional documentation is needed
    • Getting Started Guide with SPDX
    • YouTube video
    • Update tools documentation – Kirsten
    • Translated version of v1.1 into Japanese – Kirsten to see if I can find a volunteer to do this by June
      • Future: identify process for getting spec and related materials translated by community volunteers

SPDX 2.0 Use Case review & discussion: changes based on discussion captured in wiki changes

  • NOTE: Review to continue starting with item 12.

As always, comments and corrections are most welcome!