Technical Team/Minutes/2012-01-24

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  • Gary O’Neall
  • Bill Schineller
  • Savino Sguera
  • Kirsten Newcomer
  • Ed Warnicke
  • Brandon Robinson
  • Rana Rahal
  • Jack Manbeck


  • Discuss proposal for hierarchical supply chain (bug 818)

Discussion on excluded files and relationship to SPDX files. Embedded packages will be addressed in version 2.0 of the spec.

For the embedded packages which are represented by a subdirectory of files, proposal would be that there is an SPDX file at the root of the subdirectory which would detail out the embedded package. The higher level SPDX would reference the SPDX file in the subdirectory. The higher level SPDX does not need to detail out the files contained in the lower level SPDX.

Discussion on references to embedded SPDX files – how does that affect the proposed model? Possibly including a null specifier reference. Possibly including an SPDX reference in the model.

Discussion on including some of the 1.1 model into the proposed model.

(I believe there was general agreement that the license model was useful, however this was not confirmed on the call)

Discussion on the model around packages files and file types. Discussion on whether this model is useful or if it overly complicates and constrains the model. Agreed that it would be nice to allow SPDX to refer to things other than packages. Discussion on using the annotations for this purpose. Will pick up the discussion next week.