Technical Team/Minutes/2012-01-10

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  • Gary O’Neall
  • Bill Schineller
  • Kirsten Newcomer
  • Brandon Robinson
  • Rana Rahal
  • Savino Sguera

Updates – still can’t upload tools

Gary to forward email to Kirsten for Martin to up the limit

Version 1.1

Tools need to be updated to the latest spec, Gary will review 1.1 draft once completed and update the Java tools to the latest spec

Git repo – should we upload the binaries?

Problems configuring Git repo for the python tools – enlisting Peter’s help

Update spdx tech page to display the git repo URL – Gary to update page

Next week – discuss 818, example document – try out an example, move it to something more concrete


  • Update on tool blockers
  • Next steps on bug 818 (hierarchical packages)

Update on tool blockers

  • Still unable to upload tools due to the 3MB limit. Gary to forward email to Kirsten to forward to Martin. Martin has been pretty active on the web redesign, emails may be getting caught in a spam filter somewhere.
  • The tools need to be updated to the latest 1.1 spec. Once the 1.1 spec is completed, Gary will compare the 1.1 pdf spec to the rdf spec Peter maintains as well as the tool. Any updates to the tool will be done at that time. Note: the new verification code algorithm is implemented in the latest version of the tools.
  • It is possible to get the latest source code from the spdx git repository.
    • Gary to add the URL to the main SPDX-Tech page
    • If anyone would like the built binaries to be added to the git repository, let Gary know and he will push the binaries to the repository
  • Running into some issues getting Jaime access to the python tools repository. Gary just sent Peter an email this morning outlining the issues and asking for assistance. Once Jaime’s tools are uploaded, we can compare the verification code output.

Next Steps on bug 818

  • Would like to make progress since this is a rather impactful change to the spec
  • If Ed is available for next Tuesday’s call (1/17/2012), the technical call can focus on making progress on 818
    • Request that users of the spec review Ed’s proposal and comment via email and/or attend next week’s call
    • Request that example SPDX documents be created prior to the Tuesday call
    • Bill to send out agenda for next week’s call