Technical Team/Minutes/2012-01-03

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  • Gary O’Neall
  • Bill Schineller
  • Kirsten Newcomer
  • Kate Stewart
  • Rana Rahal
  • Peter Williams


  • Review of latest 1.1 spec draft

Review of 1.1 spec draft

  • Should the data license be a new tag? Kate will discuss this with Jilayne
  • Fixed the bugs related to spelling/grammar
  • Added optional creator comment field – Peter will update RDF then assign to Gary to update tools
  • [action] Verify the verification code by comparing the python results with the java tools results (Bill)
  • Inconsistency in RDF examples related to “nodeid” and “resource=” license references. Kate will make it consistent in the document. Cannot easily make the tool generate consistent references, however, it is equivalent in RDF.
  • RDF site has missing SHA – Peter to add back the SHA for versioning
  • Update to the diagram – Currently no object model around Organization and Person. Proposal to add object model for 1.1. Will add to the list of features to be considered for 1.1.
  • Data license – change text from “only valid” to “current valid” to reflect the fact 1.0 version had a different “only valid” value.
  • Use of the word “database” in the data license section can be confusing. The creative commons zero license only refers to “database” and not “data”. Kate will update spec to add text connecting “database” to its use in the license (e.g. “database as used in the Creative Commons …”).
  • Supplier field – implementation of this field isn’t clear. To be discussed in the 2.0 discussion for the supply chain use cases.
  • Would be nice to add the Creative Commons Zero license as an appendix to the spec.
  • Will add a changelog for future changes to spec

Other discussions and updates

  • Timing on version 1.1– proposed target end of Q1
  • License matching – legal team is discussing if 2 license texts represent the same license. Proposal to create a guidelines document (separate from the spec) and a tool reference implementation (being worked on by Kate)
  • Proposal to annotations in programming languages – will add a bug to track
  • Tools – haven’t heard from Martin on increasing upload size – Kate will check with Martin. Other option is to update the new website.
  • Kate will be in Europe next week, but still plans to make the call. The last 2 weeks Kate be in Australia and will not be able to make the call due to time zone differences.