Technical Team/Minutes/2011-06-28

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  • Bill Schineller
  • Branden Robinson
  • Peter Williams
  • Gary O’Neall
  • Kate Stewart


  • Feedback from the betas

Tool defects

  • Posted as bugs in bugzilla
  • Bug 824 – error if the standard licenses are not present in the spdx document
    • OK to assume that the type information will be present for non-standard licenses
    • Basic design to attempt to load the RDF graph for standard licenses
      • First attempt will be against the website
      • If the first attempt fails, the a static file distributed with the application in the jar file will be used
  • Plan to fix and updated the tools before next Tuesday’s call

Other beta feedback

  • Discussion on the Fossology support
  • Recognizing “families” of licenses
  • Agent definitions – disconnect between tag/value restricted to “Person …” where RDF is just a string. Decided to discuss next week. Peter will provide a proposal for RDF.
  • Versions – Decided that the beta version of the spec should be 0.9. Will update spec and tools.
  • Package Verification Code – update spec, documented in bug 832 – Gary and Kate to review.
  • Next week, review (and clean up) bugs. Decide which ones need to be fixed for release 1.
  • Discussion on the jar files/archive files found in a package. Decided to treat these as a single file with concluded licenses and “NONE” for the found license.
  • FAQ’s – need to divide up the works. Will do this on next week’s call.