Technical Team/Minutes/2011-05-24

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  • Kate Stewart
  • Kirsten Newcomer
  • Bill Schineller
  • Gary O’Neall
  • Peter Williams
  • Marshall Clow
  • Branden Robinson
  • Steve Cropper


  • Report on General team meeting
  • Beta readiness and ArtifactOf URI proposal
  • Specification and Technical web page review/cleanup

Report on General team meeting -- Kate

  • Various edit passes completed on Spec
  • Waiting for feedback from additional members of legal team
  • Kate will continue to consolidate edits and requests that edits be saved either in Open Office or .doc format for Word (Word '97-2004) to ensure edits are not lost
  • OSI is going to adopt same short form names as SPDX

Beta readiness

  • Tools -- Gary
    • tools are ready except for one item (see below)
    • would like some volunteers to test
    • need closure on ArtifactOf URI proposal
      • CONCLUDED:
      • If there is a known location for a doap:Project document on the web, RDF will use this as the resource URI (i.e. a named node); this will be the value for ArtifactOf URI in the tag/value format
      • If there is no known location for a DOAP document on the web, RDF may represent as an anonymous node; in the tag/value format, ArtifactOfURI will have the value ‘UNKNOWN’
      • RDF may generate a URI named node for the doap:Project even if document is not on the web, so that single node may be referenced in the RDF graph.
      • If translating from tag/value format to RDF format, translator may choose to generate a single URI any referenced doap:Project having name and homepage pair are the same
      • Comments: this would make the RDF graph neater, but adds work to translator
  • Technical Doc -- Kirsten
    • Technical training PPT needs updating due to some terminology change
    • Kirsten to send suggested updates to Kim
  • There was also some general discussion about having a way to inline contents of a package. Topic was raised by Brandon Robinson.
    • Brandon stated that this has been raised by some of their supply chain
    • Kate mentioned that there are technical issues with embedding pkg contents
    • Group agreed that this is not required (or even requested) for beta

Web page review and cleanup -- all

  • SPDX Whitepaper referenced on both the Home page and the Specification page needs updating.
    • Owners: Phil Odence and Kim Weins.
    • Kate will provide a technical review after update.
    • Title needs to be changed to "SPDX License List"
    • Text needs to be modified to read: "This following is a list of all liceneses currently registered with SPDX as of <date>."
    • Owners: Martin M. and Gary (?)
    • Contents are up to date
    • Currently empty. Assumption is that this will be populated during beta.
    • Owner: Kim Weins (?)
    • There was some discussion about the best way to organize the information on this page. No final conclusions reached. Proposals included
      • Provide a separate page for each type of example
      • Keep current examples all on one page (fewer clicks)
      • Provide an archive folder for older examples
      • Currently, older examples are hidden
    • Requested that the sub-team reviewing SPDX website organization create a working group page for itself to make it easier for others to follow progress and provide feedback
    • Owner: Kirsten

As always, please send additions or corrections.