Technical Team/Minutes/2011-05-10

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  • Kirsten Newcomer
  • Bill Schineller
  • Gary O’Neall
  • Peter Williams
  • Nicholas Loke
  • Branden Robinson
  • Kate Stewart

URL’s for beta

  • URL’s – Reviewed Kirsten’s email on the URL’s. Agreed with the proposal except the URL for rdf terms – agreed to leave the rdf terms URL as for beta
  • Remove reference to an RDF terms page (spec should be sufficient)
  • Examples – stay under spec/examples
  • Templates: Agreed to have the spreadsheet just under the tools directory (we don’t currently need a separate template area)

Review of open priority 1and 2 bugs

  • None blocking beta.
  • License text – we believe this is not an issue for beta
  • License repository – Gary to send an updated set of files to Martin
  • Moving tools to the tools web page – Gary to move files today
  • Rename git repository to tools – Peter will rename to “tools”
  • Tag/Value example – Either Kate or Peter will produce
  • Examples – Agree that the examples should all pass the validation
    • Copy the spreadsheet example from the tool
    • Peter will regenerate some of the prior examples with the current spec
  • Verification algorithm – need to make sure it is in the spec. We could also add a Wiki page just for the algorithm.