Technical Team/Minutes/2011-04-19

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  • Nicholas Loke
  • Kirsten Newcomer
  • Gary O’Neall
  • Peter Williams
  • Kate Stewart


  • Definitions doc – review Kirsten’s emails on consistent terminology
  • Resolve differences in spec and html – review email thread on consistency
  • Discuss proposals on verification code algorithms – review email thread from Marshal

Review of the terms “Unknown”, “Undetermined”, and “None”:

Discussion of Undetermined/NotSpecified/NotAnalyzed terminology proposal. Outcome: recommendations made to revise proposal to reflect 4 use cases where license/copyright/url cannot be specified:

  • 1) analyzed and data is insufficient to draw a conclusion
  • 2) analyzed, and conclusion is Not Licensed
  • 3) analyzed, and no data found
  • 4) not analyzed
  • Revised proposal sent out to list on 04/19
  • Add “NONE” category for concluded license

Discussion of cases where no info is available need to be captured affirmatively in RDF license valuesor whether empty value is sufficient

  • Conclusion: should be affirmative; provide values that specifically address this use case

Discussion of how best to handle special terms: as literals/constants or try to "shoe horn" into license registry

  • Noted that these terms can be applied to copyright and URL data, not just license data
  • Proposal: use URI that points to definition page on but NOT license page
  • All will require special case treatment

Review differences between pdf doc and html rdf spec:

  • For licenses, change the application to match rdf html spec on the “NONE” (etc.) being spdx/rdf/terms URI’s. Peter to update vocabulary with new terms.
  • Spdx:License class – ok as is for beta; revisit after beta
  • CreatorInfo cardinality – go with the pdf cardinality for now and revisit after Beta start
  • Cardinality of licenseInfoFromFile is 1 .. n
  • Cardinality licenseConcluded, … cardinality 1 – if multiple licenses, represented as a conjunctive or disjunctive set
  • Cardinality of licenseInfoInFile is 1..n (semantics similar licenseInfoFromFiles)
  • Describe which properties of DOAP are used in both the pdf and html (name and homepage)
  • Agreed to change licenseID → licenseId in pdf, html, and app