Technical Team/Minutes/2011-02-22

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  • Kristin Newcomer
  • Bill Schineller
  • Peter Williams
  • Kate Stewart
  • Gary O'Neall
  • Marshall Clow


Review of last week’s minutes – minutes updated and will be posted to the wiki.

Review Kate’s UML diagram:

Discussion on the relationship between the SPDX File and the information. There are basically 2 different conceptual models – one proposed by Kate and a second model where the SPDX Package contains many of the relationships.

A discussion on the impact to the tag/value format and to the RDF format was discussed. A discussion on the impact to Beta was discussed.

Actions resulting from the discussion

  • Obtain information on how the beta customers will use the SPDX spec – will they use the tag/value format or the RDF format? The current assumption is that the beta customers will use the spreadsheet and will not care what the underlying format is. A questionnaire has been sent to the beta sites through the business teams.
  • Draft the UML model for the current RDF tools implementation (Gary) – will compare and discuss next week
  • Document the new fields that need to be added to implement Kate’s proposed model (Kate)